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Emerson process management

Gas and Flame detection

The natural gas liquefying process presents a number of major hazard potentials. Liquid released into the open will turn into gas leading to fire or explosion. A variety of gas detection methods are available for the protection of LNG facilities.
IvDam Process Control as a sales representative for Emerson Process Management across the whole portfolio of its products has gas and flame detectors, designed to operate within all operating conditions.
Top performance with unique features, guarantees lower costs and increase the security of the entire system.

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Emerson Process Control

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Emerson Process Control

Control systems

Control systems

The quality and quantity of production for each industrial plant depend on the control system. Emerson Process Management has developed control systems Ovation and DeltaV, based on distributed architecture to enable their clients to have the ideal solution for process plants control management.


The Ovation control system is a reliable and innovative platform that is specialized for the production of electric energy (thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, nuclear power plants …)


DeltaV is a control system designed for the process industry, which shall help the customer to improve the operation of the plant in a simple, intuitive and safe way.

Asset Management Solutions (AMS)

Asset Management Solutions (AMS) is unique software for monitoring the operation, maintenance and calibration of instrumentation and other equipment. It is a useful addition to control systems. Emerson’s AMS software is significantly distinguished among software of this kind, due to the fact that it is fully integrated into the DeltaV control system.

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Emerson Process Control

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Emerson Process Control

Temperature measurement

For more than 60 years, products from Rosemount’s temperature measurement program have been recognized as absolute leaders in the process and oil&gas industry. IvDam Process Control offers you all products from this program. The products are tested and calibrated in Emerson factories, and they come to you ready for installation, commissioning and start-up.IvDam presents leading solutions in the field of temperature measurement:

Transmitters – precision and stability of our transmitters helps to optimize process and application control (type 248, 644, 3144)

Sensors – thermocouples and RTD temperature sensors (type 0185, 0065, and others) made according to DIN, ANSI as well as other world industry standards, also with many more special options, available on request

Thermocouples – Barstock, Tubular in more than 30 different material variants

Industrial regulators and valves

Fisher industrial regulators and valves

Fisher industrial regulators and valves are the result of Emerson’s desire to increase the safety and efficiency of the process.
With over 135 years of industry experience, the Fisher Division is still the innovation leader in the area of flow control and the process control. High reliability of these products enables good process control and the faster establishment of process conditions.

• Relief / Backpressure controllers

• Pressure Regulators

• Tank blanketing

• Regulators for natural gas, technical gases and compressed air

• Water and steam regulators

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Emerson Process Management


Pressure measurement

Products from the Rosemount Pressure Program have proven to be leaders in the process industry.
IvDam Process Control offers you all products from this program. The products are checked and calibrated at Emerson factories, ready to come to you, for installation, commissioning, start-up and operation.
IvDam presents leading pressure measurement solutions:

3051S, 21-st century pressure transmitter, ASIC technology-scalable design, platform for multivariable pressure transmitter 3051SMV

2051T / C, In line or coplanar design, differential or relative pressure transmitter

2088/2090, Absolute or Relative Pressure Transmitter

Exhaustion valves, flame arresters and safety valves

About products

Exhaustion valves, flame arresters and safety valves – ENARDO, Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves, Flame Arrestors and Safety Hatches.

Since 2013, Emerson Process Management has been expanding its production program by acquiring ENARDO, leader of security equipment. Emerson expands its product portfolio, in the sector of environmental monitoring equipment in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical and other industries where such solutions are required.

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Emerson Process Management


Control and on-off valves


Control valves, linear and rotary (Globe and Rotary Control Valves) with pneumatic actuators

Fisherr Rotary Valve Selection Guide

Fisherr Sliding-Stem Valve Selection Guide

They are used for regulation of flow, pressure, temperature, fluid level for general, simple, demanding and very difficult applications.

For gases, vapors, various types of liquids; clean, dirty, corrosive, abrasive and sticky fluids, chemicals, hydrocarbons

Fisher easy-e Sliding-Stem Control Valves

High-Pressure (PN 160 – CL 2500)

Fisher EH and EHA Control Valves

Fisher™ HP Series Control Valves

Valves for small flows

Baumann™ General Utility and Industrial Process Valves

Valves for corrosive and toxic fluids with PTFE  parts

Fisherr RSS Lined Globe Valve

Construction to eliminate cavitation and reduce noise

Fisher® Cavitation-Control Technologies

The Silent Treatment


Level criteria

Fisher Level Instruments



FIELDVUE™ DVC2000 Digital Valve Controller

FIELDVUE™ DVC6200 Series Digital Valve Controller