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Brooks Instrument

Mass thermal flowmeters and flow regulators

Measurement and control of mass flow for gases and liquids. The principle of thermomechanical flow rate measurement with decades of development of new models and constant improvement of reliability, accuracy, and repeatability.
Main areas of application:

• Control of the thermal processes

• Thin coating systems

• Production of semiconductor and LED equipment

• Biopharmacy, bioreactors

• Petrochemical and chemical industries

• Flow measurements of sampling gas flow for the needs of analytical devices

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Brooks Instrument



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Flow measurement that does not require a power supply. The possibility of application in practically all areas. The variety of materials allows a wide scope of application. Measuring tubes can be made of glass, plastic, metal, or coated with Teflon. There can be an integrated needle valve for manual flow control, but also there can be a controller for maintaining pressure and/or flow.

Main areas of application:

• Basic measurements of liquid and gas flow

• Indication and regulation of sample flow for analytical devices

• Smoke systems

• High pressure flows on oil platforms

• Chemical industry

Brooks Instrument

Tehnička dokumentacija

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Brooks Instrument