Ivdam Process Control | About us
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About us


IvDam Process Control doo


IvDam Process Control d.o.o. is one of the leading Serbian system integrator companies for instrumentation, control equipment, and control systems. IvDam is specialized in providing I&C solutions for industrial processes.

IvDam is predominantly present in the following industries:
• Oil and gas production
• Transport and distribution of oil and gas
• Oil refineries
• Warehouses and terminals for loading and unloading petroleum products
• Chemical and petrochemical industry
• Electric energy production
• Black and non-ferrous metallurgy
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Treatment of water
• Manufacture of food and beverages

• Paper production

With a full understanding of the specific technologies of such diverse production processes, IvDam Process Control d.o.o. provides solutions for process control for particular part of the plant or for the whole plant. IvDam provides complete service that starts with technical documentation designing, selection of appropriate measuring and control equipment, goes on with import and delivery to the site, its installation and commissioning and also its maintenance and service in the warranty and post-warranty period.Through its entire activity, IvDam Process Control d.o.o. is predominantly present on the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska and Macedonia but also on other markets abroad. Since customer support after sales, is of significant importance, IvDam Process Control d.o.o. has developed the Service department, which is available to clients 24 hours / 365 days a year.

In order to fully meet the needs of customers, with the sale of state-of-the-art equipment, IvDam Process Control d.o.o. is also involved in the production of specific package units. Custody transfer skids and systems for the loading/unloading of gas and petroleum products are our most delivered packages.We also provide training services for customer’s technical staff on the premises of our company or in the training centers of our Principal Emerson Process Management. IvDam Process Control d.o.o. brings together a team of experienced but also young engineers and economists. We maintain teamwork, continually improving ourselves to respond quickly and adapt to the customer’s requirements. We offer professional technical support, preventive and emergency maintenance, as well as competitive prices.

Our main goal is to find a solution that can help our customers to increase production to maximal levels, profit, and competitiveness while reducing their production costs.


The mission of IvDam Process Control doo is to create a strong, stable and reliable company in the field of industrial process management, which shall, through the presence of modern equipment and services, realize the expectations of the participants in operation process. Material and social needs should be met.

These needs understand the progress of each employee, harmony, cooperation, dedication, tolerance, mutual understanding, and respect.

By obtaining personal well-being and satisfaction, this subject contributes to the raising of total value and also obtaining a good quality of life for an individual’s family and also the community and society as a whole.

Our obligation is to provide the highest reliable equipment and services to our customers that are fully adapted to operating conditions in their plants and their needs, in order to increase the value of their business.


Our vision is to create a company that shall permanently set higher standards of business and life in the market. We intend to introduce new habits and trends for customers, associates, and business partners in accordance with the coming time.

In order to provide our customers results with greater value, we introduce the most modern business standards, with the continuous training and education for our employees and management.